[Video] Hearing Aid Case Study - Yvonne Yates


Yvonne is someone who loves to get involved with her local community activities: she's captain of the Girl’s Brigade Company, runs a church group for young families as well as a pre-school singing group, and sings in a choir group, all on top of her busy family life. Despite experiencing difficulties hearing, Yvonne was determined to continue living the same active lifestyle.

“I knew my hearing was bad, but I was shocked to learn that it was comparable to that of a 90-year-old – I’m 49!”

"I didn’t realise how much help I could get. Phil, the Audiologist at Hidden Hearing, talked me through my hearing in detail, showed me a demonstration and made me feel completely at ease."

“One classic moment I can recall where my hearing let me down was at the dinner table. My family were talking about how much they enjoyed a leg of lamb and my son who also has hearing loss turned to me and said ‘Mum, I’d like to go to Legoland!’ and I replied saying ‘me too’. Neither of us realised our mistake as I too couldn’t hear the conversation!"

"I was fitted with two Oticon hearing aids and the first thing I noticed was how many sounds there were! Everything had a sound which sounds silly but I’d missed out on this for many years I didn’t know how noisy life really was. Wind blowing, the murmur of a fridge, footsteps, traffic, water going down a plug hole, bird song! These were all news sounds to me which I’d missed out on for years!"

"As soon as I wake up, I grab my hearing aids and put them in, I feel lost without ‘my ears’. My husband and children have noticed a huge difference and we no longer have the constant mishearings and pretend one-word conversations where I would just nod and say yes when often they’d asked me a question!"

"I’d urge anyone with hearing loss to seek help immediately. Don’t let age or the stigma put you off, because hearing loss is far more noticeable than hearing aids. I’m pleased to say that I am no longer the member of the church group that people have to check mid ceremony that I could hear OK, or the lady singing out of tune in the choir, or the mum who can’t hear her child. Instead my new quality of life means that I now take pleasure from so many situations I never thought possible."