‘A Star Is Born’: Bringing Hearing Awareness To The Big Screen


Tinnitus and Musicians

In the new hit movie ‘A Star is Born’, Bradley Cooper plays a successful country-rock star struggling with hearing difficulties. The importance of his portrayal of life with hearing loss and tinnitus should certainly not be overlooked. Tinnitus is a very real worry for many musicians. Chris Martin of Coldplay, a long-time sufferer, put it best when he lamented; “Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don’t think about until there’s a problem. I wish I’d thought about it earlier.” But it is not just musicians that suffer with these life-altering conditions.

Treatment for Tinnitus

As portrayed by Coopers character, severe cases of tinnitus can be extremely debilitating for the sufferer. But what does it actually mean to have this condition and how can it be treated? Tinnitus is described as an intermittent or continuous sensation of ringing (or other sounds) in the ears, without an external cause. It is most commonly caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise, such as working on a construction site; but a single case of exposure to a loud enough burst of noise or a physical blow to the ear can also be the origin of the problem. The noise causes permanent damage to the sound-sensitive cells of the cochlea inside the ear. Other less common causes include ear infections, side effects of certain medications and deterioration of the parts of the ear as a result of natural ageing.

Tinnitus Cure?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure – but treatment is possible to improve tinnitus effects. Studies have found that failure to treat hearing problems can not only negatively affect the quality of hearing but also the functioning of the brain.[1] After time, the brain ‘forgets’ everyday sounds and becomes unable to understand them as the hearing nerves are not carrying sound signals to the brain as they should be. When the issue is finally treated, the brain must then re-learn sounds as mundane as the ticking of a clock.

Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Service

At Hidden Hearing, amplification has been a successful tinnitus treatment for numerous patients. Amplification acts as a masker to the noise in the ear. We also have hearing aids that have a specific ‘tinnitus’ function. But even when treated, an underlying loss of hearing can remain. The best course of action is always to consult your audiologist if you have any concerns relating to your hearing health. Call in to your local Hidden Hearing centre for a free hearing test today. It could change your life!

Seek Help For Hearing Loss And Tinnitus At Hidden Hearing   
Tinnitus can be very hard to live with but you may find effective relief for your symptoms when you work with an expert audiologist to find the right solution for you.

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