5 Ways your Oticon OPN hearing aids connect with the internet


Oticon OPN, the world’s first internet connected hearing aid, is revolutionising the way hearing aids are used.OPNs use IFTTT (If This Then That), an ever-expanding internet based service, which allows integration of your hearing system with a vast range of products and solutions. This includes alarms, doorbells, emails, texts and much more. Read on to find out 5 of the ways your OPNs can go far beyond the expectations of a hearing aid.

  1. Never miss a visitor again

    Using the IFTTT app you can connect your OPN hearing aids to an internet connected doorbell.  When somebody presses the doorbell you will have a spoken notification in your ear. So, no matter where you are, in the house, in the garden or even if you are out shopping, you will not miss someone at the door.

  2. Be alerted to important emails or texts

    With the IFTTT app, you can set up text to speech notifications so that if you receive an email or text message from a selected person, you will be notified through your hearing aids. Whether you want to set this up for emails from your boss or texts from your children, you will have peace of mind that important messages won’t be missed.

  3. Never be without your hearing aids

    Your OPNs can be set up so that you will be sent a text message when your battery is running low. Never again will your batteries run out completely, leaving you unable to hear in an important situation. You can also set up Find My Hearing Aids so that if you have taken out your hearing aids and can’t remember where you left them, the app will locate them for you.

  4. Take care of your little ones

    OPN hearing aids can connect with certain baby monitors so that you can listen out for your baby while they sleep.

  5. Feel safer in your own home

    Set up your hearing aids so that you are notified if there is a problem in your home. Whether it is a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm or burglar alarm, a trigger will play in your hearing aids so that no matter where you are you can react fast.


And if that wasn’t enough, the OPN is the leading hearing aid on the market, processing sound 50x faster than any other product on the market!

With the world of internet connected devices growing rapidly, the possibilities for your OPNs are endless. To find out more about whether OPNs could improve your life book a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing today.