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What happens during a hearing test?

A free hearing test is your first step to improving your hearing loss. It's just like a check-up at the doctors, dentists or opticians. Here's what happens at the test:

  • First, we will discuss your general health, hearing and lifestyle and see what impact, if any, these have had on your hearing.
  • Then we'll carry out a physical examination of your ears and check for signs of infection or any damage to the eardrums.
  • Next, we test your hearing. This will involve wearing headphones, where you will hear a variety of sounds and we can then see how you respond to different pitches and frequencies.  

If your hearing test indicates you have some level of hearing loss, then we’ll take the time to discuss your options with you.

How long does it take?
About an hour. During this time, you’ll find out about any hearing loss and a solution that best suits you.

Should I bring someone with me?
Yes, please do. It is vital that you bring a family member to your appointment as they are a great support for remembering important information and helping you to decide what to do next.

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