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What Makes Us Different?

At Hidden Hearing we appreciate that hearing loss can be a very sensitive subject. Accepting that you may need help with your hearing can be difficult, but it can also be difficult to decide which company you would like to help you through this journey.

We are very proud of our commitment to our customers and below you can see why, as we detail the core reasons why Hidden Hearing are market leaders in hearing care.

1. Consumer Code and Protection

All of our customers have expressed a desire to buy from an established company that will be there to help in the future. It is also of comfort to know that Hidden Hearing adopts every possible safeguard to help build your confidence in us from the beginning.

At Hidden Hearing all our Hearing Aid Dispensers are members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and this is because they all know the value of adhering to our professional body's standards.

2. Branch Network

One of the factors that can reassure you that you are doing the right thing is visiting a full time Hidden Hearing branch and talking to the professional staff there. Although we can answer some of your questions online, a detailed discussion about your hearing and your lifestyle really needs to be done face to face.

At Hidden Hearing, we offer the reassurance of over 80 branches nationwide where you can have a comprehensive assessment of your hearing with a suitably qualified professional. They will then take the time to explain the results before you decide what you need or want to do. Please note that we also offer a home visit service for those who are unable to reach any of our branches. Find your local branch online now by using our helpful branch finder.

3. Suitable Qualifications

Hearing Aid Dispensers have to be qualified and registered with the HCPC / Health and Care Professions Council and this is the bare minimum. In the Private Hearing Aid market it is easy to state that you, or people who work for you, are registered with the Health Professions Council because they have to be! You cannot sell someone a hearing aid without this registration.

At Hidden Hearing, all of our Hearing Aid Dispensers are members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and this is because they all know the value of adhering to our professional body's standards.

Hidden Hearing's training department works closely with the B.S.H.A.A. and the H.P.C. to ensure that dispensers stay up to date with the latest developments in the hearing care sector. The society also offers guidance on continuing professional development and anyone who buys from a B.S.H.A.A. member is also offered the protection of the B.S.H.A.A. Consumer Code.

Not all companies can say that they have signed up to the Professional Body's Consumer Code. This offers you the protection that you have another avenue of complaint if you are unhappy with the service you have been given. B.S.H.A.A routinely (and thankfully not often) act as an intermediary between hearing aid companies and the people that they serve.

4. Home Visit or one of our Branches?

You may have discovered that there are companies who only offer home visits. This is because they have not invested in a network of Hearing Care branches and all that is required to support them.

At Hidden Hearing we offer you the choice. We will always recommend a visit to one of our branches as it is a challenge to recreate the benefits of a Hidden Hearing branch in your home. The advantages of seeing us in one of our branches will include:

- Dedicated and sound treated test rooms

- Comfortable surroundings with few distractions

- Equipment and accessories on hand to meet your hearing care needs

5. Price

Our price list is not published online with good reason. The cost of hearing care is not widely known and we do not want to add to that confusion. We know that the true value of your problem cannot be assessed until you have had a professional hearing test.

At Hidden Hearing the cost of professional hearing care is always a simple one to address. We assess what you need based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and preferences for cosmetics and ease of use. Then, we can make a couple of suggestions of what would be appropriate so that you can decide which one is right for you and your budget.

This is a conversation you need to have with your Hearing Aid Dispenser so you will not find listed the hundreds of hearing aids we can supply as they will mean very little without the context of what is right for you. There are literally hundreds available in the UK today and all of our existing customers have benefited from the advice of a Hearing Aid Dispenser before choosing their hearing aid system.

We also work with our manufacturing sister companies to make sure that we are fitting the latest and best technologies available today. Recommending from a select range allows us the opportunity to become experts in those products rather than offering every hearing aid on the market.

For your free hearing test book now via the online form. Should you be unable to make it into one of our branches simply select the home visit option as your appointment type. Want to learn more? Then why not view the Hidden Hearing Experience showing the 10 step route to clearer hearing.