The Hidden Hearing Experience

Step 1: Recognition

The very first step to better hearing is recognising there’s a problem in the first place. You may suspect a problem yourself, or have been told by others that your hearing isn't what it once was. Either way, we’re here to help you.

Step 2: Booking a Test

You can book your free hearing test online, by phone or at your local Hidden Hearing branch. Your appointment will be confirmed by your local branch secretary.

Step 3: Appointment Day

Arrive at branch for your allotted time and meet the team; your branch receptionist and Hearing Aid Dispenser. They'll take good care of you and answer any queries you might have ahead of the hearing test itself.

Step 4: Hearing Test

The hearing test takes approximately 15 minutes, and will start with a couple of quick questions from the Hearing Aid Dispenser. Your hearing Aid Dispenser will then place a pair of headphones on your ears and ask you to respond every time you hear a sound. An audiometer will record the quietest sound you can hear over a range of frequencies, providing a detailed set of test results - it's as simple as that.

Step 5: Share Result

At Hidden Hearing, we share results with you every step of the way - you're never kept in the dark. As soon as the Hearing Aid Dispenser analyses the test results, you will be told if you have a hearing loss or not. It is here where you may be referred to your doctor for ear wax or treatment of any underlying problems.

Step 6: Advice on the next step

Our trained Hearing Aid Dispensers will, on analysing your test results, advise you whether or not a hearing aid is necessary. If a hearing aid is recommended, you will be shown the latest digital technology that can help you hear clearly once again.

Step 7: Hearing Aid selection and ordering

Once you've been shown the hearing aid options, the Hearing Aid Dispenser will talk through your potential choices and the benefits of each. Ultimately, of course, the choice is yours. Once you've decided, we'll book you in for a convenient fitting appointment.

Step 8: Fitting

A fortnight or so later, your custom-made hearing aid will be ready to be fitted. Simply pop along to the branch as before, and your Hearing Aid Dispenser will fit and adjust your hearing aid to ensure maximum comfort. Then you're ready to get on with your life again, with clear hearing once more!

Step 9: Aftercare

As part of our thorough aftercare service, we'll recommend at least one follow up visit so we can make sure your hearing aid is helping you as it should. We may recommend more follow up visits - but rest assured this has absolutely no effect on the cost.

Step 10: Check up

To make sure you keep getting the very best out of your hearing aid, and that it stays 100% comfortable, we can book you in for a 6 month check up. Any adjustments necessary can be made on the spot.

Step 11: Clearer Hearing Achieved!

We hope you will agree that the journey to clearer hearing is a very easy one indeed.

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