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Oneplan Protection Plan

Oneplan is Hidden Hearing’s protection plan for your hearing aid. Whether your device has been damaged, lost or stolen, Oneplan is there to help when you need it most. A hearing aid is a financial investment, some customers say that, behind their houses and cars, their hearing aids are the most important and valuable asset that they own. Once a hearing aid passes its manufacturer warranty, the price for any repairs can be pricey but as we all know – these things can happen. Oneplan is a low-cost plan that provides cover against theft, loss and damage and can offer full protection of your hearing aid from £75 per year.

Oneplan aims to be the safeguard for your device for the first five years of your hearing systems life and is the only hearing aid protection of its kind. Under the Oneplan scheme, we have a number of promises:

  • A new hearing aid to replace your existing one if it is damaged, lost or stolen
  • An unlimited repair service – even outside of the manufacturer warranty
  • A fast and efficient claims service where we aim to have your claim handled within 14 days of a claim being made


Oneplan – Protection when you need it.

If you would like to know more about Oneplan protection, ask inside your local Hearing Centre for more details.