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Why regular check ups are important for your hearing health

There are several reasons once you have had your hearing aids fitted that you should keep up to date with regular 6 monthly check-ups.


1. Adjustments

Having a new hearing aid fitted is your first step to better hearing, but by no means the last. You will get the best out your hearing aid only by having regular check-ups. This means that your hearing care expert can check your hearing aids are still set correctly. The slightest adjustment can make a huge difference to your hearing.


2. Your lifestyle changes

You might have started attending a class or going out more. There might be a new arrival in the family, you might have bought a new TV, phone, or you could even be moving into a retirement home.

The smallest change in your lifestyle means you might need your hearing aids adjusted. It’s important to have these regular check-ups so we can set your hearing aid to reflect your lifestyle.


3. Updates

The most modern hearing aids have technology in them that needs occasional updates. It doesn’t cost anything, but having these regular check-ups allows us to keep your hearing aids completely up to date.


4. Get the private healthcare service you deserve

You’ve gone down the private hearing care route, and we recommend making use of it. We ensure your hearing aids work optimally and monitor any changes in your hearing health.


5. Ear health

We check for skin conditions, polyps, perforations, tumours – things we often spot before they become a problem and can refer you to your GP.


6. Health conditions

We also check for developing asymmetries in hearing, tinnitus, imbalances and how these can be indicative of other seemingly unrelated health conditions which need to be addressed.


7. Further technologies

Hearing aid technology is constantly being improved. We like to keep you updated on any advances in technology that you may benefit from in the future.