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We encourage you to test your ears at 55 years

The Campaign for Better Hearing is a global initiative, but united by a single cause: to help the world hear better. Hearing loss can cause you to feel isolated, lonely and depressed. It increases your chances of experiencing depression or dementia and can affect your mental health.

Test your hearing for free now

The Campaign for Better Hearing is fighting this by:

1. Raising awareness of the importance of looking after your hearing.

2. Highlighting the impact that hearing loss can have on your health.

3. Encouraging everyone over the age of 55 to have a hearing test.

Your hearing is so important

Staying on top of your hearing health can improve your mental health, your relationships and allow you greater independence.

Plus, your connection to your surroundings could be enhanced. The first step towards better hearing is taking a free hearing test.


The Give Back Programme

Hidden Hearing is supporting this campaign, through the Give Back Programme. We are changing lives by providing a free, top-of-the-range pair of private hearing aids to people in the UK who may not be able to afford them.

It’s simple. For every 1,000 tests we do, we give back a free pair of hearing aids. The test doesn’t need to be for you either, just nominate a friend or family member who you think will benefit from having their hearing checked.

Maybe a loved one or someone you know struggles to keep up with conversations, avoids talking on the phone, seems distant in noisy environments or has the TV too loud.

You can book a test for you or them, and have the opportunity to be nominated for the Give Back Programme which changes lives for the better.

  • 5-people-icon

    1 in 5

    The number of adults affected by hearing loss

  • web-calendar

    5–7 years

    The average time it takes before someone takes action on a hearing loss

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    The percentage of new hearing aid wearers who wish they’d acted sooner

Our Campaign Ambassadors

Give Back Programme recipients become a Campaign for Better Hearing Ambassador, sharing their story and encouraging others to have a hearing test. Here’s what they’ve
been saying.

Colin Thackery

“Living life to the full is very important. It keeps you young, it keeps you active, it keeps your mind alive”, says Colin Thackery, Britain’s Got Talent winner, 2019. “Oh, I love listening to music”, he continues, praising his “extraordinary” hearing aids. “I’ve been able to witness the advance in technology … this facility to be able to hear music on my phone, for example.”

Watch Colin’s video to find out about the impact hearing aids have had on his life, on his music and the benefits of better hearing.
  • christine-wright

    Christine Wright

    “I said, ‘Hello, I can hear you on the phone now’, and she promptly burst into tears.” Christine Wright, from Stockport, on speaking to her sister by phone for the first time in 30 years.

  • alex-slight

    Alex Slight

    “Better hearing has transformed my life. I’m more connected and I’m safer cycling as I can hear the traffic.” Alex Slight, South London, on feeling safer cycling to work every day.

  • helen-mol

    Helen Mol

    “My husband said I looked so much brighter, and I felt happier.” Helen Mol, an intensive care nurse from Surrey, on returning from a day’s work with new hearing aids.


Take an online hearing test

If you have noticed a change in your own hearing, then now is the ideal time of year to do something about it. Make sure that you do not miss out and take a online test today.

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