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Alarm Clocks

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  • Classic Alarm

    Classic Alarm


    The Classic Alarm has an analogue display with hands.

    The clock lights up with a blue backlight when the alarm button is pressed or the alarm is activated.

    The extra loud alarm rings up to 80dB and this clock also has a flashing option. This product is supplied with a vibrating shaker to go under the pillow.

    It has volume and tone controls to set the alarm to suit your hearing ability.

    The options for the alarm are:
    • OFF
    • Vibrator + Flashing Light display
    • Ringer + Flashing light display
    • Ringer + Flashing light display + vibrating shaker
    Product features:
    • Easy to set up function keys
    • Continuous 4 minute snooze button
    • Dimmer switch

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  • Sonic Alert Dual Alarm

    Sonic Alert Dual Alarm


    This alarm clock has an extra loud alarm up to 85db. It has two alarms which can be set independently of each other.

    The display is extra-large with large characters displayed digitally with a sliding dimmer switch. It is supplied with a powerful vibrating shaker to place under the pillow. This product is great for those with hearing loss or deep sleepers.

    Product features -
    • Supplied with Shaker pad
    • Extra loud alarm (80dB)
    • Continuous 9 minute snooze button
    • Easy to set function keys
    • Volume and tone control buttons
    • Clock setting 12h/24h
    Batteries can also be placed in the SONIC ALERT DUAL ALARM CLOCK in case of power failure.

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  • Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock


    The SONIC BOMB alarm clock is extra loud with up to 75dB and a continuous 9 minute snooze button.

    This product is suited to the hard of hearing, deep sleepers. It has a large bright red display with extra-large numbers and a dimmer switch.

    The clock can be set to 12 hour or 24 hour. It has easy set up function keys.

    The SONIC BOMB operates off the mains plug provided and batteries can also be placed into the clock in case of a power failure.

    The plug in vibrating shaker is also provided with the product which can be placed under the pillow.

    The alarm has several options:

    • OFF
    • Ringer and Flash
    • Vibrator and Flash
    • Ringer, Vibrator and Flash

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  • Sonic Shaker

    Sonic Shaker


    The SONIC SHAKER is an extra loud portable alarm clock.

    The clock is a neat little travel clock supplied with travel pouch, it is highly amplified up to 70dB and you can choose to have alarm, flash or vibrate options to waken you.

    The functions are easy to set and the LCD has a back light with clear large numerals.

    The clock is a 12 hour clock and has a four minute continuous snooze button.

    The pillow clip is also included to place the clock under the pillow to vibrate and waken you.

    The SONIC SHAKER requires 2 AA batteries which are included in the box.

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  • Wake and Shake

    Wake and Shake


    This alarm clock has large digital numbers which can be dimmed. The alarm can sound up to an extra loud 95dB and has a flashing option.

    The Wake’n’Shake alarm clock comes with a vibrating shaker to go under the pillow or clip onto the sheet. The product is suited to the hard of hearing or deepsleepers.

    The shaker plugs into the back of the alarm clock and can be used to alert you when the alarm sounds. A telephone can also be plugged into the back of the clock and the alarm or vibrating shaker will activate upon an incoming call. This product requires a power supply - the power lead and adaptor are provided.
    Product features -
    • Choice of flash and alarm
    • Flash and shaker or alarm and shaker
    • Tone control
    • Extra-large and bright LCD display
    • Extra bright strobe light

    Can be connected to telephone

    2 year warranty and UK based Helpdesk

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