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Accessories To Help With Tinnitus

Hidden Hearing sell many hearing accessories that can help if you've got tinnitus. These range from pillows, to relaxation balls. There are different options available to those with tinnitus and you can view them all below.

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  • Pillow Speaker

    Pillow Speaker


    This Pillow Speaker can be plugged into any device with a headphone socket (MP3 player, Sound Oasis) and left under a pillow so as not to disturb your partner.

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  • Sound Oasis Noise Generator

    Sound Oasis Noise Generator


    Ease your tinnitus with the Sound Oasis Noise Generator.

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  • Sound Pillow

    Sound Pillow


    Looks and feels like a normal pillow but has stereo speakers inside. A standard jack plug allows the pillow to be plugged into an external device such as an MP3 player or Sound Oasis (not included).

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  • Sound Relaxation CDs

    Sound Relaxation CDs (box of 4)


    A box of 4 relaxation CDs: Tranquil Horizons, Cloud Dances, Classical Thunderstorms and Harmony.

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  • Sounds Relaxation Ball

    Sounds Relaxation Ball


    The Sounds Relaxation Ball plays 7 sounds of nature and includes a built-in timer. Battery powered.

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