At Hidden Hearing we understand the importance of living life to the full and feeling happy and confident.  Anyone who has ever experienced a hearing loss knows all too well how frustrating and isolating life can become, that’s why we strive to work with the very best in technology as well as partnerships in order to provide our valued customers with first class hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices.

Our hearing aid accessory shop has a full range of devices that will help anyone suffering from hearing loss.  From mobile telephones, home telephones and hearing aid batteries, each item has been created to help make life that little bit easier. 

View our selection of hearing aid accessories by browsing the categories below. 

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  • size 10 hearing aid batteries

    Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries

    From: £3.60

    These size 10 hearing aid batteries are for use by all hearing aid users and come recommended by the leading manufacturers. All batteries stocked are ready to use from their easy-to-open packs which are sealed to make certain that they are the freshest they can be until you need them – ensuring they have the maximum battery life possible.

    Each pack contains six batteries and are available to by in packs of 1, 3 and 10.

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  • amplidect 280 cordless telephone

    Amplidect 280 Cordless Telephone


    The AMPLIDECT 280 Cordless Telephone is hearing aid compatible, which means when you use the T switch on your hearing aid, the voice will be directed into your hearing aid to offer no interference and allow the call to be clear.

    The AMPLIDECT280 rings very loudly up to 70dB and vibrates and flashes. These are all optional settings to make sure you don’t miss a call.

    The handset has been ergonomically designed and offers big buttons and a nice large LED screen on the handset with large characters/numbers.

    The phone has a volume and tone control on the side of the handset to allow you to increase or decrease the callers voice and also amend the tone to suit your hearing ability.

    The ringer has a choice of 12 polyphonic tunes with adjustable volume controls for the ringer (6 positions).

    The Large LCD screen lights up on receipt of a call and when the phone is in operation.

    The phone book holds up to 50 numbers and also offers 2 memory buttons on the handset for those regularly dialled numbers.

    The base has a pairing button if you mislay the handset and you can pair up to 4 handsets with one base unit.

    The phone is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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