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Hear's To Your Health

There’s no time like the present to kick-start some new habits, to make the most of the year ahead.

To get your full copy of ‘50 Tips to a Healthier You’, and 3 months’ supply of Healthspan multivitamins, take your FREE hearing test before 31/03/17. You can book online or by calling 0800 019 2016 today. (*T&Cs Apply)

The doctor knows best

For the last 25 years Dr Hilary Jones has been campaigning to improve the nation’s health. He believes that one aspect we often overlook is our hearing. That’s why together we’ve created a helpful booklet: ‘50 Tips to a Healthier You’. Here are a few highlights to help stay healthy throughout the year.


- Tip 2: Take at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. 

- Tip 10: Visit your GP for an annual cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI check-up.

- Tip 17: Stay hydrated throughout the day with a bottle of water by your side.

- Tip 18: Try and get your 5 a day to maintain a good balance of vitamins.

- Tip 32: Protect your hearing by reducing your exposure to loud noises.

- Tip 40: Don’t wait for external things to make you happy, do it for yourself.


Don't forget, you have until 31/03/2017 to take your FREE hearing test to claim your 3 months' supply of Healthspan Multivitamins! (*T&Cs Apply) 


Why you should get your hearing tested

Hearing is one of the key senses we use in our day to day lives. We use it to help communicate with loved ones, listen to our favourite music and help with many other tasks. Not only this; but taking care of your hearing is important for your general health too. Studies have shown that hearing loss is associated with dementia, stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Getting your hearing tested takes approximately one hour and you’ll receive the results straightaway. If your Hearing Aid Audiologist believes you could benefit from using a hearing device, they can recommend the solutions that are best for you. If you wouldn’t benefit from assistance, they won’t provide a hearing aid. That’s our commitment to you.

Don’t delay in getting your hearing tested and seeing if you could benefit from clearer hearing. Book your appointment online today!

Get the most from your hearing aid

Another way to look after your health and hearing is to get your device serviced. If it’s been a while since we saw you last, it’s a good way to know everything is working the way it should, so you can hear life the way you want. If you’re a Hidden Hearing customer, our 5 Star check-up service is totally FREE.


Your FREE 5-Star service checks:

Clarity – Making sure that the sound quality you’re getting is as clear as possible.

Microphone – Removing any obstructions from the receiver and microphone.

Volume control – Testing for wear and tear, as damage affects incoming sounds.

Battery – Replacing the battery, making adjustments and cleaning the contacts.

Wax – Deep clean your device with special tools and cleaning materials.


Don't delay, take a hearing test before 31/03/2017 to receive FREE 3 months supply of multivitamins and a FREE Dr. Hilary Jones' "50 Tips to a Healthier You"! (*T&Cs Apply)

*For full terms and conditions, please click here.

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