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Dementia and Hearing Loss – what you need to know

We do need our ears to capture sounds but we can only really understand these sounds once they reach the brain and we can break them down.

Our brains do all the hard work; filtering out irrelevant sounds, such as background noise, and focusing on the sounds we want or need to hear.

Studies have shown that, as our hearing naturally declines over time, our brains have to work harder than before as we strain to hear the sounds we once heard clearly. This can cause changes to the part of the brain which looks after language and memory.

Overtime, this effort can take its toll and lead to an increased risk of dementia. Someone with a mild to significant hearing loss is 2-5 times more likely to be at risk than those that have retained their hearing as they get older.

Going for regular hearing health checks is crucial to ensuring your hearing is taken care of, your brain can stay sharper for longer and you can remain connected to your world.

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Reducing your risk of dementia

Getting your hearing tested is one way to reduce your risk of developing dementia. However, there are many other precautions you could be taking to help lower the risk.

You can receive a free Alzheimer’s Research UK’s brochure on reducing your risk of Dementia by taking a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing and find out what you can be doing to help your brain health.

About the hearing solutions available

Hearing aids are a key solution when it comes to managing hearing loss. With a wide range of devices available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Some of the hearing aids available, such as those available from manufacturer, Oticon, are designed specifically with the brain in mind.

Oticon’s BrainHearing technology is a shaping the way Oticon design, make and fit hearing aids and is centred on the concept of putting the brain first; helping you to keep your brain sharper for longer.

But how does BrainHearing work?


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