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At each Hidden Hearing branch, we have a team of expert hearing specialists, who are on hand to answer any questions you have. We have put together a list of common questions below that we often get asked, to help you with your research.

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    Visit our Hearing Care events in Scotland!

    You’ll find us at the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh on Thursday 16th April and Grand Central Hotel Glasgow on Friday 17th April.

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    Mother's Day 2015 Competition!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums who will be celebrated over the weekend! We’re introducing a new competition to give a chance to win £30 worth of Bannatyne Spa Vouchers!

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  • What is Audiology?

    We’re also committed to making sure you have all the information you need to be able to have the best experience possible during your time with us. We want to go back to basics and give you the insight into what Audiology is and what an Audiologist does in their job.

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  • A how-to guide of cleaning and general upkeep for your Hearing Aid

    A hearing aid an investment and so the everyday cleaning and maintenance for your hearing aid is an important part of owning the device. Regular cleaning and upkeep of your hearing aid will prolong its life and keep it in good working order for longer.

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  • The top 10 animals with the best hearing

    Hearing is a sense we use every day as humans. We use it to evade danger, talk to loved ones and communicate with everything around us. The average hearing range for a human is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz and uses three muscles to aid the hearing process. There are, however, animals who have better hearing than that of humans.

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  • Cinemas and the Hard of Hearing

    With the Oscars edging closer and closer, we look in depth at the issues facing those who are hard of hearing and the deaf who wish to watch films at the cinema, subtitles and loop systems and at how this might be changing for the better.

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  • 312 Batteries

    Our Hearing Aid Battery Guide

    Hearing Aids are a crucial asset in helping those with hearing loss. A Hearing Aid Battery, therefore, is the most vital component of the Hearing Aid – allowing you to have the power to hear what’s around you. In this guide, we aim to guide you through an introduction to hearing aid batteries, some answers to frequently asked questions and other information that you might find useful.

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  • Amplify Your Life with Hidden Hearing

    At Hidden Hearing, we host a number of events across the UK that are available for anyone to attend! At our events, we offer free hearing tests to all those who attend and an opportunity to meet the Hidden Hearing team.

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