Depending on the condition of your hearing, it may not be too late to prevent further damage. Be sure to read all of the article in this section to ensure your hearing is protected for years to come. You will find a wide range of pieces, from guides to more general pieces of advance on hearing and ear protection.

  • Motorcycle

    Steve Parrish on why you should protect your hearing!

    TT’s own Steve Parrish is a Hidden Hearing Customer. Steve’s hearing was badly damaged after years as a racer and TV pundit…and now he’s urging everyone to take the necessary steps

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  • Hearing Protection - How Loud is Loud?

    If you work in a noisy environment or even just participate in recreational activities where the noise level is elevated, it is important to wear hearing protection.  The infographic below provides insight on noise levels that could impact your hearing and what you should do to protect against hearing loss.  

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  • Tips For Helping With Hearing Protection

    At Hidden Hearing, we only recommend the very best in hearing protection manufacturers, and our range comes from the two best in the business – Puretone and Etymotic Research.

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  • A how-to guide to protect you against noise induced hearing loss

    Noise induced hearing loss affects thousands of people worldwide, with many suffering severely from their loss of hearing. When it comes to a noise induced hearing impairment, it is possible to protect yourself from permanent damage in your ears – keeping your hearing sharper for longer. We’ve compiled our guide of the best practices when it comes to protecting your hearing.

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  • Could your child be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss?

    A recent World Health Organisation study warned of 1.1 billion children and teenagers that may be affected by noise-induced hearing loss. At Hidden Hearing, we believe that protecting your hearing, as well as raising awareness for hearing loss, is important for those of us at all ages.

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  • The iPod Generation: Protecting your children from noise-induced hearing loss

    In recent years, the latest technologies available have caused an increase in the number of laptops, TVs and smartphones that are available for everyone to use – creating an ‘iPod Generation’. With more technology available, there has also been an increase in the use of ear and headphones; with businesses such as Dr. Dre headphones being declared as a ‘billion dollar’ company.

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  • Disposable Hearing Protection

    Protecting your hearing is crucial for many people and there is a wide range of options available when it comes to keeping your hearing properly protected. The thing is, many people or businesses will have to consider the financial implications of hearing protection as one of their primary factors in deciding what form of hearing protection is available to them. This may limit the overall choice available but thankfully there are a number of disposable hearing protection options which can provide protection at a more affordable price.

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  • The Best Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

    When it comes to riding a motorcycle, there are plenty of things to contend with. It can be difficult on the road in amongst the traffic and there are plenty of natural conditions that can impact on the safety and enjoyment of a journey. This means that a rider needs to pay full attention to the road, tuning into all of his senses. Clear vision is of great importance to a motorcyclist, but there is also a lot to be said for hearing.

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