Depending on the condition of your hearing, it may not be too late to prevent further damage. Be sure to read all of the article in this section to ensure your hearing is protected for years to come. You will find a wide range of pieces, from guides to more general pieces of advance on hearing and ear protection.

  • MGM lion

    The top 10 loudest animals!

    We’ve listed those with the best hearing, and the most unconventional hearing. Now, we want to know what the top 10 loudest animals are! A human feels physical pain when they are exposed to sounds over 120dBs, so these animals are best given a wide birth if you’re lacking in appropriate ear protection!

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  • child-headphones

    Could your child be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss?

    A recent World Health Organisation study warned of 1.1 billion children and teenagers that may be affected by noise-induced hearing loss. At Hidden Hearing, we believe that protecting your hearing, as well as raising awareness for hearing loss, is important for those of us at all ages.

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  • Child with Headphones

    The iPod Generation: Protecting your children from noise-induced hearing loss

    In recent years, the latest technologies available have caused an increase in the number of laptops, TVs and smartphones that are available for everyone to use – creating an ‘iPod Generation’. With more technology available, there has also been an increase in the use of ear and headphones; with businesses such as Dr. Dre headphones being declared as a ‘billion dollar’ company.

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  • Cleaning Supplies

    A how-to guide of cleaning and general upkeep for your Hearing Aid

    A hearing aid is an investment and so the everyday cleaning and maintenance for your hearing aid is an important part of owning the device. Regular cleaning and upkeep of your hearing aid will prolong its life and keep it in good working order for longer.

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  • cold

    Could a common cold affect your hearing?

    It’s that time of year where many of us carry a pack of tissues in our pocket and constantly smell of vapour rub and cough sweets as we attempt to rid ourselves of the common cold.

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  • cotton buds

    The right (and wrong way) to clean ear wax

    Cast your mind back to childhood and it's a fair assumption that the regular bed and bath time routine included the cleaning of ears. Those cotton ear buds - the ones which have a small wad of cotton attached to each end of a short rod - seemed to be a staple of the bathroom cabinet.

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  • win

    It's competition time! What is your favourite song?

    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Month and the evocative and powerful memories that music evokes within us, we want to know what your favourite song is along with the reason why.

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  • ham logo

    September is Hearing Awareness Month

    We are delighted to be running Hearing Awareness Month for the third consecutive year, raising the issue of hearing loss and providing help and support for not only the people suffering with some form of hearing loss, but to the friends and family of the person suffering also.

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