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Knowledge is always helpful when supporting someone with hearing loss, which is where our hearing articles can help. Browse our list of topics below to locate useful information that could improve the hearing health of a loved one.

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    What Should My Loved One Do Next?

    It is of course a sensitive subject, but if you think someone is suffering from hearing loss, try to support them and point them in the direction of someone that can help. Remember, Hidden Hearing is just a click or a call away.

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  • Is Somebody I Know Losing Their Hearing?

    If you think someone you know is losing their hearing, visit Hidden Hearing to find out how serious their signs of hearing loss are.

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  • Effectively Communicating With The Hard Of Hearing

    People who are hard of hearing are likely to still be able to hear you speaking to them, but it is possible some words may be missed or misunderstood. Some similar sounding spoken words may be interpreted differently, for example ‘fifteen’ and ‘fifty’ can often sound the same. 

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  • The Emotional Side Of Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is often more than just physical and the effect it can have on your emotional well-being can also be quite overwhelming. Often many people find that suffering from a degree of hearing loss can impact on both their home and work life. 

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  • Spotting The Early Signs of Hearing Loss in Someone You Know

    For most people, hearing loss happens slowly – so slowly in fact that it’s hard to notice it deteriorating at all. Indeed, you may realise somebody has signs of hearing loss before they realise themselves.

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  • Two Ears Are Better Than One

    It’s a logical thought, but often people don't realise that hearing loss can affect both ears to a similar degree. This is called bilateral hearing loss. With age and noise exposure being the most common cause of hearing loss, it's reasonable to expect that both your ears will be affected in the same way. At Hidden Hearing we believe that in many cases, using two hearing devices together can be a huge advantage for many of our customers, and our hearing aid dispensers will be able to demonstrate the difference between using one and two aids using headphones, or during your trial fitting. Nature gave us two ears after all, and we think it's better that way!

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  • Introducing Acorn - The Newest Member of Our Family

    Acorn is a sixteen week old working Cocker Spaniel who was born to parents who are part of Hearing Dogs’ own breeding scheme. The scheme was developed following extensive research into which breeds and character types were most suited to becoming hearing dogs, to help ensure that the puppies have the very best chance of succeeding in their training. This in turn means that there is a consistent and predictable supply of dogs to meet the growing demand, not just for first-time partnerships, but for people whose hearing dog has retired or passed away. 

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