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Keep up to date with the world of hearing healthcare, from the latest technology trends and news stories through to helpful guides that can help you get the most out of your hearing.

  • Tips For Helping With Hearing Protection

    At Hidden Hearing, we only recommend the very best in hearing protection manufacturers, and our range comes from the two best in the business – Puretone and Etymotic Research.

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  • Sound therapy: How can we heal through sound?

    Causes of hearing loss can vary due to a wide variety of factors. Among the causes may be age, genetics, exposure to loud sounds or head trauma. There has been research into the use of Sound Therapy as a treatment for hearing loss, with resounding success. It is important to note that hearing loss is not just a feature of the older generations, anyone at any age can develop hearing loss.

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  • Hearing-Aid-Hand

    Why a hidden hearing aid is the best investment you’ll ever make

    At Hidden Hearing, we care about your health, whether that be general health or your hearing health. As the leading hearing aid specialist in the UK, we want to provide you with all the information you need to make important decisions surrounding your hearing health. A hearing aid is an investment into the future of your health and wellbeing.

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  • A how-to guide to protect you against noise induced hearing loss

    Noise induced hearing loss affects thousands of people worldwide, with many suffering severely from their loss of hearing. When it comes to a noise induced hearing impairment, it is possible to protect yourself from permanent damage in your ears – keeping your hearing sharper for longer. We’ve compiled our guide of the best practices when it comes to protecting your hearing.

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  • Occupational health: Which jobs could put you at risk of developing hearing loss?

    With the general election fast approaching, employment is being followed closely in the news and across the internet. We wanted to take a look at which jobs could be the most detrimental to your ears and even prompt the onset of noise induced hearing loss.

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  • The launch of the latest running technology: Bone conduction headphones

    It’s not unusual for those who run to listen to music while they run, with many claiming that it can make any exercise easier. Some use in-ear earphones or over-the-head headphones, depending on their personal preference. If you were watching the Marathon this year, you might have seen a new type of headphone making an appearance amongst the runners…

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  • What are the causes of sudden hearing loss?

    If you have suffered from sudden hearing loss, it is important to be checked out as soon as possible. We want to give you the best information possible about sudden hearing loss so you can know the symptoms, causes and the treatments available to you.

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  • What is echoic memory and how can it affect us?

    Echoic memory is a part of sensory memory and refers to auditory memories. The sensory memory that takes into account sounds that you’ve just encountered is a form of this memory type. Memories and sound are important aspects of your hearing and your ears, so we wanted to take an in-depth look at echoic memory, what it is and how it can affect us.

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