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Save your hearing this Bonfire Night!

November 5th 2015 - Posted by

Remember, remember – it’s that time of year again! Bonfire night is upon us, the fireworks are waiting and we’re getting ready to wrap up warm to head to the local display.

When it comes to Fireworks, protecting your hearing is an absolute must. Fireworks have been reported to reach up to 130 decibels; significantly above that of a safer noise level (85 decibels) and even the human pain threshold (120 decibels).

Whether you’re hosting your own display or heading out to a local event, your ears could be subject to extreme loud noises for a considerable amount of time.

To get ahead this Bonfire Night, we’ve compiled our top tips for protecting your hearing!

 1)      Get the right equipment!

Prolonged exposure to noises that are 85 decibels or over can cause damage to your hearing. Fireworks exceed over this volume so it is best to protect your hearing.

Wearing earplugs or ear defenders give your ears some much needed protection against the loud sounds.

           2)      Stand by!

Be sure to stand a safe distance from a fireworks display. Not only will you be a bit further from the noise but you may even be able to see them better!


3)      Leave it to the experts

To help keep your distance from the fireworks, go to a local fireworks display rather than hosting one at home


4)      Wanting to host at home?

If you’re looking to host a fireworks display at home, it is even more important to wear some form of hearing protection.

When at a home based display, fireworks will be set off in a smaller area. In this scenario, your ears will need protecting from, not only the repeated exposure to the loud sounds, but also your close proximity to the fireworks.


5)      And afterwards? 

If you notice a change in your hearing after a fireworks display, or any other time you have been exposed to loud noises, it is best to consult a hearing care professional as soon as possible. A hearing care professional will be able to give you any advice you need to help you and your hearing.


Most importantly – Have fun and keep those ears safe!

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