What Are The Sweetest Sounds of The United Kingdom?

What Are The Sweetest Sounds of The United Kingdom?

February 14th 2014 - Posted by

Many people have an opinion on their favourite sound, so at Hidden Hearing we have conducted research into the favourite sounds of the UK and the impact these can have on our well-being.

We found that the nation’s favourite sound is waves crashing on a beach, with 60% stating that this was their number one sound. In close second, third and fourth place were ‘birds singing’, ‘walking in the snow’ and ‘raindrops falling on a window’, with 48%, 44% and 40% respectively voting these sounds as their favourite. Others in the nation’s top ten sounds include cats purring, bacon sizzling and bumble bees buzzing.

As part of the research, we also wanted to know how our favourite sounds can impact on our emotional well-being. We discovered that for 45% of people, their favourite sound ‘brought back good memories’, with others believing that their favourite sound makes them feel happy and relaxed.

This just goes to show how sounds can make us feel happier – but not all sounds do this. The sound of a door slamming is one of the most hated sounds, with 42% of people putting it at the top of the list. Other sounds, such as teeth grinding, knuckle cracking and loud car music also appear high in the list of our most hated sounds. Teeth on cutlery, dentist cleaning plaque and someone crying are all other sounds that made it into the top ten most disliked sounds.

One of the most important things this research reveals is how important sound is to many of us. With our favourite sounds being able to make us feel happy and relaxed, it is important that we are all able to hear as well as we should.

Dr Hilary Jones said that:

“Being able to hear our favourite sounds is something that we can take for granted. Our hearing is one of the most important human senses – it enables communication and is fundamental to our pleasure system.”

Our research also revealed that a third of the UK stated that “they’d lost some enjoyment in their life” and reported “feeling upset” when suffering from hearing loss. This highlights how important it is to consult a hearing specialist if you’re struggling with your hearing.

It's thought that only 10% of people seek help since they first notice symptoms of hearing loss, with many waiting up to 10 years before taking action. This September, as part of Hearing Awareness Month, at Hidden Hearing we aim to test the hearing of over 20,000 people for free. So there’s never been a better time to get your hearing checked to ensure that you’re hearing your favourite sounds as clearly as you should be.

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