How To Tell If You Have Hearing Loss

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You may be suffering from hearing loss without realising it, and some will not want to admit to it either. Do you find yourself having trouble hearing sounds and voices , but blame it on everything from the noise level in a room to someone mumbling while speaking?

In truth these may not be the true reasons you are failing to hear things, and it could be down do a degree of hearing loss caused by age or exposing yourself to loud noises in the past.

I don’t think anyone would want to be labelled as hard of hearing. Especially when you usually associate poor hearing with old age. When you are only in your 40’s or 50’s, you don’t want to think of being seen as an old person who sits in a corner cupping their hand to an ear, and constantly repeating “what did you say?”

Being exposed to loud noise can cause hearing loss, so if you were a fan of live music and attended a lot of music festivals in the past, you could find yourself reaching middle age with some degree of hearing impairment. Loud noise can do harm over time to your inner ear, and your hearing will develop symptoms similar to those with age related hearing loss.

Sudden hearing loss should be treated immediately, and delaying treatment could lead to hearing loss that could have been saved if action was taken sooner – so never leave it until it is too late! Get help right away, and never leave it thinking your hearing will return on it’s own.

Loud noise exposure can damage tiny hairs in your inner ear responsible for conducting sound signals to the spiral ganglion neurons which help the brain to process sounds. Damage to these essential hairs will break the chain, and sounds will not be able to travel through the inner ear to the brain. This results in hearing loss.

In fact, you may well have been walking around for some time with damaged inner ear hair cells, but until now have been totally unaware of it. Living with a degree of hearing loss will often cause difficulties with friends and family who may become irritated with you when you ask them to speak up, or repeat themselves. This could be embarrassing for you, and eventually cause you to avoid mixing with friends and family when it becomes too much of a struggle to hear conversations in a crowded room.

Do you have trouble hearing while talking on the telephone? People will talk naturally over the phone, and do not have a tendency to raise their voice or shout. So if you find it hard to hear what the other person is saying, then it is time for a hearing.

If you, or someone close to you can relate to any of this, it would be wise to have a screening for possible hearing loss. Once the level of hearing loss has been established, certain measures can be put into place to help boost hearing, and bring conversations back to a normal level.

Being able to hear is a gift that many of us are given at birth and should not be taken for granted. Look after your hearing – you will be so glad you did.

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