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What is Hearing Impairment

April 1st 2014 - Posted by

A hearing impairment can be described as a full or partial loss of the ability to detect or discriminate sounds around us. Common terms used instead of hearing impairment include hard of hearing and deafness. The correct use of these words is crucial as both signify different ends of the scale of a hearing impairment.

Depending on the level of the hearing impairment, there are a number of solutions available today that are of use to hearing impaired people. Hearing aids are one option, cochlea implants is another and not forgetting items such as hearing impaired telephones which can be of great use.

If you think yourself, or someone close to you may be suffering from a hearing impairment do not worry. To find out more about hearing impairment and ways to combat it, why not come in for an informal chat with one of our Hearing Aid Dispensers? We will check the health of your ears, see if a hearing loss is visible and if so advise on all the options available to you - Book an appointment today. You can also read further information about hearing loss on our website.

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