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Hearing Loss Indicators

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If you were to look at a picture of yourself taken yesterday, you wouldn’t see a difference. Look at one from ten years ago and it’s a different story! Hearing loss can be like that. Day to day we don’t feel any different - only over time does it becomes noticeable.

While age-related hearing loss is extremely common, environmental factors can play their part too. Many people have an occupational hearing loss, whereby their workplace has subjected them to excessive noise levels over a long period of time. The symptoms of both types of hearing loss are similar:

  • Turning up the T.V.

Having difficulty following what is said on television? You’re not alone. Television programs are not written and produced with hearing impaired people in mind, and often contain background noise and unfamiliar accents which make life difficult. The temptation is to reach for the remote and turn up the T.V – which doesn’t always help as most people are suffering a lack of clarity rather than volume.

  • Misunderstanding conversation

In the same way that our vision can become blurred, so can our hearing. So while it’s rare not to hear people at all, you may be struggling to hear clearly. The brain is clever and will fill in the gaps based on context and our knowledge of our language, but of course, it sometimes gets it wrong! Anyone with a hearing loss can sympathize with this, and all have different ways of dealing with the problem. Smiling politely at the time, then later asking someone else what was said seems to work well!

  • Avoiding social situations

With increased background noise, parties and social gatherings can be tricky for somebody starting to experience hearing loss. You may find yourself avoiding these situations – or attending but taking part in conversation less and less. This has been described as becoming less of a participator and more of a spectator.

  • Feeling tired or stressed

Listening with a hearing loss is hard work and requires a lot of concentration. For that reason, some people find they tire during conversation – and may decide only to take part early in the day when they feel they have the energy to cope. In the worst cases, people have been known to withdraw altogether.

If you think that any of these symptoms apply to you (or someone you know) – don’t worry, we can help. Click here to contact us today, or call 0800 740 8706.

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