Identifying The Indicators and Signs of Hearing Loss

Spotting The Early Signs of Hearing Loss in Someone You Know

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For most people, hearing loss happens slowly – so slowly in fact that it’s hard to notice it deteriorating at all. Indeed, you may realise somebody has signs of hearing loss before they realise themselves.

Here are some early signs to look out for:-

  • Turning up the T.V.


If somebody in your life is resorting to switching the volume up for no apparent reason, it could be an indicator that they are struggling with a hearing loss. Television programs are not written and produced with hearing impaired people in mind, and often contain background noise and unfamiliar accents which make life difficult.

  • Misunderstanding conversation

In the same way that our vision can become blurred, so can our hearing. So while it's rare not to hear people at all, your friend or loved one may be struggling to hear you clearly. The brain is clever and will fill in the gaps based on context and our knowledge of our language, but of course, it sometimes gets it wrong!

  • Avoiding social situations

With increased background noise, parties and social gatherings can be tricky for somebody starting to experience hearing loss. As such, you may notice your friend or loved one avoiding these situations altogether. If they do attend, you might see them refrain from making too much conversation - another sign that they are experiencing hearing loss.

  • Feeling tired or stressed

Listening with a hearing loss is hard work and requires a lot of concentration. For that reason, some people find they tire during conversation – and may decide only to take part early in the day when they feel they have the energy to cope. In the worst cases, people have been known to withdraw altogether.

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