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From the sweetest sounds of laughter and music, to the hustle and bustle of cars and conversation, our hearing brings the world around us to life. We surround ourselves with the sounds we love, because of the joy it brings us, so why not invest in your favourite sounds with a hearing health check.

Find up to date, extensive content on the world of hearing, from the latest technology trends through to helpful guides that can help you get the most out of your hearing aid.

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  • Hearing Loss - Guidance for Family and Friends

    For most people, hearing loss happens slowly – so slowly in fact that it's hard to notice it deteriorating at all. Indeed, you may realise somebody has signs of hearing loss before they realise themselves.

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  • Introducing The iPhone Hearing Aid

    Thanks to recent advances in technology, iPhone hearing aids will soon be a reality thanks to Apple. They will offer greater discretion, improved technology and a host of slick features such as the “Find My Hearing Aid” function and the ability to customise your volume, treble and bass settings according to where you are. Not only is this a huge step in technological capability for hearing aids, it’s a huge leap in terms of changing the perception of hearing impairment and deafness for the better.

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  • What Can You Expect From A Hearing Aid?

    Hearing aids will improve the quality of your life by assisting the hearing that you have left. If you have a mild hearing loss, you will benefit from the latest digital technology which can include innovations such as Open Fit™. This amazing NEW technology will provide amplification where you need it without the discomfort of blocking your ears.

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  • How To Hear Better Without The Use Of Hearing Aids

    You may suspect you are becoming hard of hearing because you have noticed it has become harder to follow conversations, especially with anyone softly spoken or people with high-pitched voices.

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  • What is Hearing Impairment

    A hearing impairment can be described as a full or partial loss of the ability to detect or discriminate sounds around us. Common terms used instead of hearing impairment include hard of hearing and deafness. The correct use of these words is crucial as both signify different ends of the scale of a hearing impairment.

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  • Isle Of Man Hearing Care Event

    On Friday 21st March Hidden Hearing returned to the Isle of Man for its annual Hearing Care Event – although this time, joined by Dr Hilary Jones.

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  • Tinnitus Explained - Facts Figures Precautions and Treatments

    Tinnitus comes from the Latin word for ringing, or the perception of sound in the absence of corresponding external sound. It can affect one ear, both ears or can be heard inside the head and can either be ongoing or intermittent. 

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  • Sight vs Sound - The Facts

    Like our ears enable us to hear, our eyes enable us to see. Both are amazing senses some would argue we take for granted. But do we position one of these senses above the other in terms of importance?

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