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From the sweetest sounds of laughter and music, to the hustle and bustle of cars and conversation, our hearing brings the world around us to life. We surround ourselves with the sounds we love, because of the joy it brings us, so why not invest in your favourite sounds with a hearing health check.

Find up to date, extensive content on the world of hearing, from the latest technology trends through to helpful guides that can help you get the most out of your hearing aid.

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  • fish

    Can fish reduce hearing loss?

    Fish has long been hailed as the ideal 'brain food' but new research revealed earlier this month has suggested that eating fish could reduce the chances of hearing loss, too.

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  • win

    It's competition time! What is your favourite song?

    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Month and the evocative and powerful memories that music evokes within us, we want to know what your favourite song is along with the reason why.

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  • people talking

    "I hate my own voice!"

    The common saying, 'he or she loves the sound of their own voice,' is well used but in actual fact, the opposite is usually more accurate. There might be people who like to talk, and talk, and talk, but that doesn't mean they actually like the way their voice sounds.

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  • hearing loss

    How to improve your hearing - without using hearing aids

    If you're concerned that you might be experiencing some form of hearing loss then the most recommended course of action is to consult an expert or specialist at your nearest hearing centre. If that's something you're reluctant to do, two things to bear in mind: firstly, don't put it off for longer than is necessary. Secondly, there are some steps you can take to assist your hearing until appointment time.

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  • ham logo

    September is Hearing Awareness Month

    We are delighted to be running Hearing Awareness Month for the third consecutive year, raising the issue of hearing loss and providing help and support for not only the people suffering with some form of hearing loss, but to the friends and family of the person suffering also.

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  • The 'My life, My health' campaign

    Struggling with hearing loss is difficult for everyone, but for children and teenagers it can be particularly daunting...

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  • Packing for holiday – essential items for the hearing impaired

    While packing for a vacation is never the most enjoyable of experiences, it’s a necessary task and a vital part of preparation for a holiday. And, if you’re hearing impaired and use hearing aids, it’s important to ensure you have everything you need

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  • computers

    Proud to be supporting Computers 4 Africa

    At Hidden Hearing we like to do ‘our bit’ and throughout the years have supported a variety of charities, both nationally and in our head office in Maidstone, Kent. One such charity that we are currently supporting is ‘Computers 4 Africa’.

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