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  • opening soon

    Grand opening of Hidden Hearing's new flagship store

    Hidden Hearing's new state of the art store in central London will be officially opened on January 28, bringing the very latest in healthcare support to the capital city. Dr Hilary Jones, our Medical Advisor will also be present on the day to cut the ceremony ribbon.

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  • alan and pam

    Seeking help for hearing loss - inspiring personal stories

    The decision to turn to a professional for help in living with hearing loss can be made in a moment. For Pam Tomkins, the words of one of her grandchildren nudged her into action: 'Grandma, you're always saying pardon.' That was all the encouragement Pam needed to look into getting hearing aids.

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  • Why NHS hearing aid cuts will harm

    In a Hidden Hearing blog published in December - titled Why two hearing aids are better than one - we focused on the benefits of using two aids together. It was a particularly timely educational piece in light of the reported news that NHS patients in Devon were only entitled to a single hearing aid. Since then, there have been developments and unfortunately not in a positive way.

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  • happy new year

    How to have a happy and healthy New Year

    Happy New Year from all at Hidden Hearing! Now the partying and the celebrations have been completed, and we're into the first month of 2015, you might well be reflecting on the resolutions you made in the midst of the festivities.

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  • cold

    Could a common cold affect your hearing?

    It’s that time of year where many of us carry a pack of tissues in our pocket and constantly smell of vapour rub and cough sweets as we attempt to rid ourselves of the common cold.

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  • binaural hearing aids

    Why two hearing aids are better than one

    At Hidden Hearing, we firmly believe in the advantages of using two hearing aids together, after all, nature gave us two ears for a reason.

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  • cotton buds

    The right (and wrong way) to clean ear wax

    Cast your mind back to childhood and it's a fair assumption that the regular bed and bath time routine included the cleaning of ears. Those cotton ear buds - the ones which have a small wad of cotton attached to each end of a short rod - seemed to be a staple of the bathroom cabinet.

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  • opening soon

    New London Hearing Centre - opening soon!

    Hidden Hearing is bringing state-of-the-art testing right to the very heart of Central London. Our brand new flagship store in Maddox Street - located just a few minutes from Oxford Circus - is officially opening on December 8 and will available to the public the day afterwards.

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