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Starkey Hearing Aids

Since its formation in 1967 Starkey has operated under the one single-minded purpose that ‘Hearing is our concern’. With this in mind, it is constantly looking to improve the technology of hearing and create the best hearing aids possible.

When it comes to hearing innovation, Starkey is a world leader, and has helped millions of people thanks to it never-seen-before hearing aid technologies including the world’s first in-the-canal hearing aid and the first custom, digital and fully-programmable invisible hearing aid. In 2010 Starkey launched a number of exciting products including wireless hearing aids, which enable users to stream stereo sound directly from their TV or radio into their hearing aids without any body-worn relay devices.

From the technicians in its labs to the scientist, audiological researchers and thought leaders in its state-of-the-art hearing research center in Berkeley, California, Starkey is continually seeking ways to understand the science of hearing loss and the impact it has on people’s lives.

Find out more about the Starkey hearing aids we offer by clicking on one of the models below.

  • starkey 3 series i110

    Starkey 3 Series i110

    Starkey 3 Series i110 is the ultimate in Starkey processing technology.

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  • Starkey 3 series i20

    Starkey 3 Series i20

    i20 is the entry level hearing aid in the 3 Series group. It is available in all styles and colours and incorporates a number of features.

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  • starkey 3 series i30

    Starkey 3 Series i30

    3 Series i30 is the next rung in the 3 Series ladder. It has all the features of i20 with the addition of extra channels and bands to enable i30 to conform itself better to complicated hearing losses.

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  • Starkey 3 Series i70

    Starkey 3 Series i70

    A step up from the Starkey i20 and i30 models, the Starkey 3 Series i70 hosts a range of impressive additional features

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  • 3 series i90

    Starkey 3 Series i90

    The Starkey 3 Series i90 is designed for active lifestyles with greater variation in listening environments.

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