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Siemens Hearing Aids

In the 1800’s there were very few options to help hearing impaired people.  Werner von Siemens wanted to make communicating easier for the deaf and hard of hearing. In 1878, he invented a telephone to assist hearing-impaired. Siemens went on to lead the development of electric audiometry and hearing aids. Since 1900 Siemens have continued to be successful in developing hearing solutions.

Siemens introduced the world’s first waterproof digital hearing aid in 2011; Aquaris™. In 2012 they presented new chip technology [Micon™ Chip Technology] which enables aids to have 48 channels. In 2013 Siemens marketed a new power hearing aid for people with profound hearing loss; called the Nitro micon™.

Today, Siemens employs over 4000 employees. Their hearing systems are developed and marketed by the Audiology Solutions Business Unit, which is part of the Healthcare Sector at Siemens.

They also provide a wide range of aids and other equipment, including a range for young people and Smart technology that enables phones to act as remote controls for aids.