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Bernafon Hearing Aids

Swiss company, Bernafon, have been developing hearing aid systems for over 60 years. Their tradition of precision engineering and design continues today as they conduct pioneering research in order to develop their hearing solutions further.

The company rose to prominence in the hearing aid field in 1946 when Hans Gfeller Junior developed Switzerland’s first hearing instrument for his father Hans Gfeller, founder and then head of Bernafon. Today the company has independent distributors in over 70 countries and a fine reputation with their speedy and efficient customer service.

Take a look at some of the Bernafon hearing aid products available below, and then underneath that we highlight further reasons why you should consider Bernafon as your chosen hearing aid manufacturer.

  • bernafon acriva 7

    Bernafon Acriva 7

    For product not classified as premium, the Bernafon Acriva 7 is exceptional and comes with some very high end features. Part of a product range that addresses many of the difficulties hearing aid users this provides an excellent value for money introduction to better hearing.

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  • acriva 9

    Bernafon Acriva 9

    The Acriva 9 offers technology at the highest end and is an incredible mix of discretion combined with incredible sound reproduction and offers the ideal solution to a large group of hearing impaired people.

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  • carista 3

    Bernafon Carista 3

    The Bernafon Carista 3 is part of a family which has taken massive steps and made advanced technology affordable which is specifically targeted at the entry level point.

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  • carista

    Bernafon Carista 5

    The senior of the Carista family, the Carista 5 takes the benefits of the Carista 3 and gives it just that little bit more.

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  • bernafon chronos 7

    Bernafon Chronos 7

    The Bernafon Chronos 7 features the latest Audio Efficiency technology to ensure the user receives a higher degree of listening comfort and better speech understanding.

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  • Bernafon Chronos 9

    Bernafon Chronos 9

    The Chronos 9 hearing aid is the top product in the Chronos Group offering a host of high end features to ensure the best listening experience in the widest range of operating conditions.

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Precision Engineering

Bernafon is well respected in terms of design and product innovation, and their Swiss precision engineering accounts for the exemplary quality of their hearing aids. Any hearing device needs to be fitted properly by a qualified hearing aid dispenser, and the most obvious requirement for anyone looking for a new hearing aid is the comfort factor. The high-spec engineering that goes into each Bernafon hearing aid means they are built just as much for comfort as for their reliability and sound quality. After all, a hearing aid needs to be as comfortable as possible, and you will only achieve this by having it professionally fitted for you.

Bernafon currently has 5 different models to choose from, including their cutting edge new development of the Chronos Veras and Verite brand, which has Bluetooth™ wireless compatibility via a device called the Soundgate, allowing the hearing aids to receive sounds directly from devices such as phones, mp3 players and laptops.

Why Choose Bernafon?

If you are in the process of choosing your very first hearing aid, then selecting a Bernafon aid is a sound choice for a first-time user. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience with Bernafon hearing solutions, we can establish your hearing needs, and look at your lifestyle to assess which style of unit would suit your individual requirements.

To find out if a Bernafon hearing solution is the best choice for you, simply call one of our friendly staff at Hidden Hearing today to book your free, no-obligation hearing test with one of our qualified and experienced Hearing Aid Dispensers who will be able to determine the best type of hearing aid to suit your particular needs.