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Bernafon Acriva 9

The Acriva 9 is the second in the Acriva family and like its other family members it is known for its precision and accuracy in identifying and reproducing sound. It is no wonder that the term Acriva is derived from the Greek Akrivls which means precision.

The Acriva 9 carries the same benefits of the Acriva 7 but there are also additional benefits to be gained. The Acriva family as a whole have some important traits which allow you to:

Hear what you want to hear

The Acriva series aims to give you the ability to hear what you want to hear, no matter the listening environment. It does this through a number of different technologies which it tends to bring under the heading of Audio efficiency TM 2.0. Acriva does this by utilising state-of-the-art functionality to enhance speech, intelligibility, comfort, and importantly all of this is fully customisable for the hearing aid wearer. 

Some of the additional benefits of the Acriva 9 to that of the Acriva 7 are as follows:

Speech Localisation

The human ear has evolved through the ages and has the ability, by virtue of its shape (as much as anything) to be able to determine where a sound has actually come from- be it in front, alongside or from behind. The ability is often lost to a hearing aid user but through its True Directionality technology Acriva 9 overcomes this. Whether speech is coming from the front, from the side or even from behind, Acriva 9 detects the signal and adapts it to ensure that it is heard in the clearest and most natural way.

Music to your ears

An area that hearing aids have often disappointed in is the reproduction of music. The Acriva 9 addresses this by the introduction of a Live Music Programme which when selected removes the limitations of a “speech” orientated hearing aid.

Lifestyle enhancements

The Acriva 9 also seeks to assist in another all too familiar problem area, cinemas. The sound systems in cinemas are designed to enhance the dramatic effect of the film which often produce loud and sharp noises which hearing aids cannot always comfortably replicate. In exactly the same way as it does for music, the Acriva 9 has a separate programme for cinema listening which enables the user to get the very best listening in this environment.

All this and it cant be seen

It is almost beyond comprehension that all of these benefits can come in a hearing aid that is practically invisible when worn. One of the range of the Acriva 9 series is an aid which sits right inside the ear canal and when worn is invisible to the naked eye. The benefit of invisibility is also enhanced by the benefit it derives from hearing in the most natural way…by virtue of its placement and therefore benefitting from many of the natural benefits the ear itself gives us.

In summary the Acriva 9 offers technology at the highest end and is an incredible mix of discretion combined with incredible sound reproduction and offers the ideal solution to a large group of hearing impaired people.

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