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  • alan and pam

    Alan and Pam Tomkins - Retired

    Alan and Pam are a retired couple, currently living in New Quay, Wales. They have four children and seven grandchildren, who are all adults now.

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  • Jackie

    Jackie Hunt – Technical Co-ordinator

    Jackie is married to her husband Dave, and has two Daughters, Charlotte and Emily. Jackie also has a Granddaughter called Grace.

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  • Steve McKenna

    Steve McKenna – Head of Programme Delivery

    Steve works in London as Head of Programme Delivery for a major bank. He is married with two children aged eight and four.

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  • Adam Taylor

    Adam Taylor | Sales Manager

    Adam lives in Bristol with his wife, Nina, and their young baby. It wasn’t until his wife became pregnant with their first child that he realised he needed to get the problem sorted.

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  • Florence Fawcett

    Florence Fawcett – Retired

    Florence’s hearing loss dates back to her childhood and hearing solutions then were big and bulky which no young person wants to wear. She struggled with finding the right hearing solution for much of her adult life.

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  • Hayley McCulloch

    Hayley McCulloch – Paralegal

    Hayley works as a paralegal and has been experiencing gradual hearing loss since fifteen to twenty years ago when she used to listen to music on headphones and have the volume up high. She found out that this had damaged the inside of her ear and caused the hearing loss.

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  • Karen Evennett

    Karen Evennett – Journalist

    Karen lives in Kingston, London and works as a freelance writer specialising in health for women’s magazines and national newspapers.

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  • Raymond Scambler

    Ray Scambler – Transport Manager

    Ray is a transport manager and keen golfer. Ray didn't realise he had a hearing problem for a very long time and had learnt to put up with it. His family and friends learned to speak up around him and it became a bit of a joke with them which he initially found quite comical but it soon wore thin.

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How often should I get my hearing tested?


Like you do your eyes and teeth, we recommend you get your hearing tested annually.  There are also certain instances when you should get your hearing tested immediately, such as if you experience sudden hearing loss.  

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