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Wellness Man LogoWe believe that everyone over the age of 55 should be able to benefit from a good overall health and wellness regime; so we’ve put together our top tips and information that you should know to keep fit and healthy!

Our Wellness Programme is especially for those of us that like to stay healthy and, with more of the nation living longer, we wanted to give our tips for those who are 55 and beyond. There is research to suggest that hearing loss is consistently linked to physical, mental and emotional health conditions.

The Wellness Programme provides the information that over 55s may find useful for their general health. The information included an overview of stroke, dementia and heart conditions as well as their associations to hearing loss.



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    Take a look at our Dementia and Hearing Loss information



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    Take a look the connnection between Diabetes and Hearing Loss



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    See the links between your heart and hearing health



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     What's the association between Stroke and Sudden Hearing Loss?



The consequences of untreated hearing loss in older people

Could those who wear hearing aids have a more positive quality of life compared to those who don’t wear hearing aids? Studies show that older people who have a degree of untreated hearing loss suffer negative effects in comparison to those who do get treatment. Older people who do not use hearing aids were likely to report:

• Sadness and depression

• Worry and anxiety

• Paranoia

• Less social activity

• Emotional turmoil

• Insecurity

On the contrary, those whose hearing impairment is treated often report benefits, including:

• Better relationships with their families

• Better feelings about themselves

• Improved mental health

• Greater independence and security

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